Departmental Profile:


  Department of Hindi is one of the oldest teaching departments of the University of Kashmir which was established in the year 1956.  In a non-Hindi speaking area like Kashmir, the language Hindi was introduced by the department and good number of people joined the department consequently. The department was always headed by eminent persons particularly Dr. H.P. Gupta, Prof. Tiwari, Late Prof. R.K. Sharma, Prof. Mohd. Ayoub Khan “Premi” ,  Prof. B.L.Koul, (Prof. (Mrs,) Mohini Koul, during turmoil, despite the migration of all senior faculty members. The able guidance of successive Vice-Chancellor’s of the University, the department is able to survive & uphold its traditions of teaching & Research intact which at presently Headed by Prof.Dilshad Jeelani.

            In 1963 it was approved as a research centre where M.Phil and Ph.D courses were introduced, as a result 47 Ph.D scholars were produced from this department from 1965 to 1989 and 39 M.Phil degrees were awarded in the period of 1980 to 1989. In 1979 one D.Lit was also awarded. After the period of turmoil of four (04) years, from 1992 to 2002, 08 Ph.D degrees and  in 1993 to 1995, 04 M.Phil degrees were awarded. From 2010 to 2017 department has awarded 21 M.Phil degrees and 02 Ph.D degrees.In 2018, 06 Ph.D degrees have been awarded.05 scholars are pursuing Ph.D while as 09 scholars are purusing Integrated Ph.D.

              From 2012 to 2017, 76 P.G. students have passed out from the department and presently 06 students are pursuing M.A in Hindi.From 2012-2018 05 scholars had qualified NET/SET examinations.  

            Before the turmoil a large number of P.G students have passed out from the department and even during the turmoil, the department didn’t faced any zero year. A good number of students are presently passing their P.G in Hindi, P.G Diploma and Certificate Course every year. In the department Certificate Courses have been stopped by the University authorities from year 2016.

           43 issues of the Research journal VITASTA had been published by the department. Vitasta provides a platform to local and national students, scholars and teachers to express their ideas. It has been approved by the UGC under registration number 41281.

           Many National Level Seminars and workshops have been organized by the department from time to time. A two day National Seminar was organized in March 2017 attended by the eminent scholars and Professors of the country. Swarg Virag, a poetry-collection written by a Ph.D scholar Mudasir Ahmad Bhat was also released in this seminar. In September 2017, Hindi Diwas was organized by the department attended by the students of the department and different colleges of the valley.

      The Faculty members had published 49 national and one International research publication. 02 books were published at national level by faculty members.  Faculty members of the department had attended two International, 08 National and 13 regional conferences, seminars, symposia and other functions hosted by the university.


Prof.Dilshad Jeelani

Head  of the Department