Department of Hindi is one of the oldest teaching departments of Kashmir University. It was established in the year 1956.  The department had distinction to introduce Hindi as  a subject in the curricula of non-Hindi speaking area. The Endeavour encouraged good numbers of students to read & write Hindi in this non-Hindi speaking area of the country. The Department in its initial years was only teaching department in the State and in the year 1963 it was approved as a Research Department. The Status provided opportunity to student community to pursue M.Phil/ Ph.D programmes in the Department. Up to now about fifty Ph.D degrees were awarded to different scholars in the spite of last 20 years of the turmoil in the Valley. The off shoots of Mayhem enforced the migration of faculty members to different parts of the country. It affected the academic progress of the department however, with the help of existing faculty and available supportive staff Department was able to uphold its academic traditions & during this period tem M.Phil & Ph D’s were awarded.

        The department was always headed by eminent persons particularly. Dr. H.P. Gupta, Prof. Tiwari, Late Prof. R.K. Sharma, Prof. Mohd. Ayoub Khan “ Premi ” Prof. B.L.Koul  (Prof. (Mrs,) Mohini Koul, During turmoil, despite the migration of all senior faculty members. The able guidance of successive Vice-Chancellor’s of  the University, the department is able to  survive & uphold its traditions of teaching & Research intact which at presently Headed by Prof. Zohra Afzal.