Post Graduate Department of Hindi is one of oldest department of Kashmir University established in 1956. The purpose of the department was to play & invest upon novelties of Hindi language with all flavor and excellence. Acting upon the vision and mission, department since its inception adopted innovative practices to uncover core doctrine of quality research and standard quality education. Presently Hindi as a language is day by day becoming a link language among various linguist groups & in Kashmir it gained ground on account of its uniqueness and content. It is encouraging that over the past so many years a good number of students having initial knowledge of Hindi earnestly joined the department with an object  to put their energies on Hindi language and literature. This provided them a space at National level & state level with job opportunities & some enjoy reputation & excellence. Presently, all efforts aim at providing constant support to the student community in learning opportunities and understanding Hindi as a subject in this Hindi non-speaking state.

Dr. Ruby Zutshi
Head Of Department