The department of Hindi was publishing research journal “Vitasta” and more than 20 issue of the journal were published. This provides a forum to students/teachers and scholars to express their ideas. The advisory board of the journal include Prof. K.M.Mishra, department of Hindi, AMU, Aligarh,Prof.T.N.Bali (Retired Professor) Department of Hindi, Delhi University, Prof.Neelam Saraf,Head department of Hindi University of Jammu, Prof.S.jafar Raza Zaidi,AMU and Neeru Sharma,editor Shiraza Hindi.

The department proposes to start few basic and job oriented courses for those who want to learn Hindi for day to day needs. Hindi being the National language of the country, there is a need that people of the valley be able to have basic knowledge/understanding of Hindi language. Therefore, intention is to launch following job oriented courses in Hindi. This will promote the marketability of young generation who can seek employment as translators in various central Government offices, where the official language is Hindi.   

         1. Translation   2. Linguistics   3. Hindi Journalism

 Books: Departmental library has more than 8000 books app. which are available to faculty and students besides a Hindi section at University central library (Allama Iqbal Library